Dataflow For Saudi


Document verification is an important process in Saudi Arabia, particularly for individuals seeking employment in the healthcare sector. The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) is responsible for the certification and registration of healthcare professionals, and document verification is a key step in this process.

Medpro provides best support to customers for their data flow processes, ensuring smooth operations and accurate documentation verification. We understand the importance of reliable data and documentation, and strive to provide exceptional service to meet our customers' needs. All the following procedures to be done by company itself to make easiness to our valued customers.

Several agencies and service providers offer document verification services for SCFHS in Saudi Arabia. It is important to ensure that the service provider chosen is reputable and trustworthy to avoid any fraudulent activities.

Apart from SCFHS, document verification is also required for various other purposes in Saudi Arabia, including immigration, employment, and business-related activities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia offers document verification services for those seeking to have their documents authenticated for these purposes. The process involves submitting the documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who will then verify the authenticity of the documents and issue a stamp or seal to indicate that the documents are genuine.

Primary Source Verification or PSV


Primary Source Verification is the process in which the data or certificates submitted by us are verified by a specialized international firm called “the dataflow group” directly from the primary or original source from where the certificate was issued. PSV helps the Saudi Commission For Health Specialties in detecting any forged or fraudulent documents and certificates. All health care professionals should undergo Primary Source Verification first and once PSV is done, you are supposed to write the Pro metric Exam also


Documents required for Saudi DATAFLOW

·         Education certificates (Degree/diploma/pg certificates)

·         Employement records ( experience certificate)


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